About Us

We are working hard to restore the Carluke High Mill

Wherever you live now, whenever your family set off for places around the globe, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to celebrate and commemorate your Carluke heritage. You will also be saving one of Scotland’s national treasures.

Carluke’s High Mill was built by the Dick family c. 1797. It has stood sentinel at the top of Chapel Street for over 200 years. It is listed as one of Scotland’s most important buildings. It is on the Buildings at Risk Register. It needs your help. Urgently!

If we all pull together, we can restore the High Mill and transform it into a fantastic resource for Carlukians. The working Mill will be a major Scottish attraction. Plans worked on for the last eighteen months detail ways the restored Mill will be used –– horticulture, cooking, education, meetings, heritage, coffee drinking and perhaps even weddings!

Among the many benefits of a successful Mill project will be the bringing of tourists to the town, thereby increasing footfall and business activity within the town centre, and the creation of local jobs.

We hope that everyone who is interested in mills and in preserving our industrial heritage will rally round to help us in this exciting and vital industrial heritage project. The first step is to acquire the Mill and the land surrounding it.