The Steering Group with the guidance and support of the Strathclyde Building and Preservation Trust has been very busy this year working on the plans to identify a potential funding strategy for the work required. We have been in negotiation with Architectural Heritage Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund, Investing in Ideas and Historic Scotland. These National groups have all shown a high level of support for our project. Representatives of the High Mill Steering Group have also been in contact with representatives of South Lanarkshire Council.

The Architectural Heritage Fund has pledged a sum of money to the project, although the terms and conditions mean that it needs to be match funded elsewhere before being allocated to specific costs. The national organisations have a critical issue they require to be clarified; this is that the land owner of the site is asked to submit at minimum a letter which confirms that they agree in principal to the plans put forward and the regeneration work.

These longer term plans include the purchase of the land by Carluke Development Trust on behalf of the residents of Carluke. Key discussions have been taking place across this year between both parties and the current owners have demonstrated interest in this vision of a regenerated High Mill to happen. The negotiations however, have reached an impasse and we feel we need to consider an alternative to relying initially on funders providing the income for land purchase.

The aim is to clarify for the potential funders that a future owner of the land is fully committed to the terms and conditions of the funders, who are responsible for issuing public money. One of the issues is the time frame set out by the funders is based on years. Consequently the Steering Group has chosen to campaign to raise funds so that Carluke Development Trust can put forward a proposal to buy the land on behalf of the community.