Carluke Development Trust

Meet the People who are making the Trust run smoothly

Carluke Development Trust is a local community organisation owned and managed by elected volunteers within Carluke and surrounding areas. We aim to achieve the sustainable regeneration of our community or address a range of economic, social, environmental and cultural issues within the community. We are independent but seek to collaborate and work in partnership with other private , public or third sector organisations. Hence their partnership with Carluke Parish Historical Society who are passionately involved in the regeneration of the High Mill. Trusts aim to reduce dependency on grant support by generating income through social enterprise models and the ownership of assets. Carluke is a non-profit organisation all trading surpluses are principally reinvested in the organisation i.e. Carluke High Mill or local community. Carluke Development Trust is one of the first to be set up within Scotland and their underpinning motto is that we are here to make things happen.

The Trust is collaborating and supporting the local Carluke High Mill Steering Group that consists of the following members :

Mrs Christine Warren –President of Carluke Parish Historical Society
Mr Tom Sneddon - Chair of the Carluke Development Trust
Mr Ken Fawell - Clydesdale Mill Society
Professional Adviser - Ms Sarah MacKinnon, CEO of Strathclyde Building Preservation Trust
Kathleen Feeney - Development Manager for Carluke Development Trust
Regular Members - Dr Gavin MacGregor, Ms Jean Douglas, Mr Jim Ness, Mr John Stevenson, Ms Isabel Lindsay, Ms Karen McKay .

A steering group has existed in one form or another for nearly thirty years. We also have regular volunteers who help at events i.e. public meetings, manning our promotional stand, distributing leaflets etc., and always welcome and appreciate new volunteers.

The Steering Group with the guidance and support of the Strathclyde Building and Preservation Trust has been very busy this year working on the plans to identify a potential funding strategy for the work required. We have been in negotiation with Architectural Heritage Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund, Investing in Ideas and Historic Scotland. These National groups have all shown a high level of support for our project. Representatives of the High Mill Steering Group have also been in contact with representatives of South Lanarkshire Council. The Architectural Heritage Fund has pledged a sum of money to the project, although the terms and conditions mean that it needs to be match funded elsewhere before being allocated to specific costs. The national organisations have a critical issue they require to be clarified; this is that the land owner of the site is asked to submit at minimum a letter which confirms that they agree in principal to the plans put forward and the regeneration work.